19 diciembre 2009

The questions, ive never known how to answer

Why do you smoke?
Why do you have twitter?

How can you know you love someone?

Why dou you take pictures of things we barely know they exist?

Why cant you be talkative to new people?

Why didn´t i ask your phone or even e-mail?

Why are you still scared?

Why can´t i cry the moment i really need to?

What do you think about me?

Why am i doing this?

Why do you prefer to be alone?

Why do i still care?

Why can´t i forget you, but im forgetting your face and your voice?

Why did i never take a picture of you?

Why didn´t i tell you, you were the greatest person i´ve ever known?

Why i thought your dissapearance didn´t had a happy reason?

Why can i talk to you, but not to them?



Yeah, i stopped asking what it was first, egg or chicken...

1 comentario:

BassTRD dijo...

hola! hola! hace mucho q no me metía a tu blog, se extraña un comment tuyo en el erizo y solo xq estoy por aqui intentare contestar a tus preguntas (es algo pretensioso xq no soy como dios pero al menos pasaremos un rato entretenido)
1. Your personality and genetics make you succeptible to the charm of ciggars
2. It's a place where you can share simple ideas
3. You'll simply know, when everything feels different and even you're incredibly happy
4. Because it's awesome discoverying things
5. Becuase they're sort of scary
6. Because you're afraid he/she saying no
7. I dunno
8. Becuase you wanted to be strong
9. You're a nice and incredibly talented person :)
10. You're bored
11. It's complicated
12. You're foolish, but that's nice
13. It's been a long time some thing may die, feelings doesn't they'll die alongside you
14. You didn't had a camera
15. see answer 6
16. Becuase it just happened, no explanation
17. see answer 5
and so and so