31 diciembre 2008

This year...

Weird cool year, many trips, many friends, best friends, nice parties, less ugly sucky parties, nice clothing, weird weather, wierd people, many crushes like love crushes, kisses, candies, illness, death, births, trouble, tears, faith, laughs, no sex, alcohol, nice music, bad music, no beach, many photos, many new cool places, new discoveries, personal discoveries, more feelings, more writting, many cool rock shows,"talk shows on mute" cool other kinds of music shows, too much dancing, design, art, way too much coffee, many gorgeous landscapes, lovely stuff, more interested in science and phisycs than normally, deceptions, mistakes, no drugs, new lovely pets, rebounds, old people, ugly hair cut, fake tatoos, spitting , paper planes, "holding someone´s hair back", no summer vacations, low pressure, museums, fake wanna be people, vests and dresses, boots!, challenges, books, "the funk soul brother", "sabotage", imagination, no stalkers i guess, no people to stalk ha, 3 months kind of wasted, very bad decisions but also very good ones, sparkle butterflies in my stomach, knowing wood, more freckles and small cute molees, gossip, mess, "nothing and everything all at once", "melodramatic fools", hope, joy, happines, players, not a sleepy year, huelgas, almost new cafeteria, new drinks, more vgetables for me, less meat, learning the kitchen tricks, crappy killer people, saved by the bell people, sighs, good year not many of mu achievments were completed but hopefully next one will be better.

2 comentarios:

Jagaa Sirius Zephyr de Atl dijo...

ohh yeah! el siguiente será mejor! :D

Jagaa Sirius Zephyr de Atl dijo...

wooo si esa señora fue grande (:
que chido que dijera lo que pensaba :D

oh me creeras que nunca he ido al parque de los ciervos? xD