20 diciembre 2008

Doll story

Once i had a doll, her name was Eloise.She liked to dance ballet with old songs not normally written or ever been heard, When she was nine she broke her foot, nothing was the same again, she started to get bussy with other stuff , then she realized that she had forgotten how to dance or even how to tie her ballerina shoes, Eloise was so sad to the point that she had no more teras to cry, she didnt move for a while she only had tha big thougth face and she imagined how beautifull her life would be.
Now Eloise is still sitting in that old corner surrounded by little dancing fairies with pretty tiny lights and in her mind all she can hear is thah old music over and over again, no more teras no more laughter no more nothing.

1 comentario:

Jagaa Sirius Zephyr de Atl dijo...

me gustó la historia
aunque las muñecas no son mucho de mi agrado, menos si son de porcelana o algo asi como raras o.o